Fitness Programs

VCA Programs

Hatha Yoga

Engage your life force to improve life force mindfulness, balance and energy . Hatha yoga combines physical postures with breathing to prepare your body for deeper practices such as meditation.

La Blast Fitness

Partner free, follow the leader, “ballroom dance”. fitness program. This program is low impact, easy to follow and suitable for all fitness levels.

Senior Fitness

This is a multi level low impact fitness program specifically for seniors. It is designed to increase aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance.

Senior Yoga

This class lets participants work at their own speed and comfort level. It combines stretches with methods of relaxation and breathing to help increase strength and calmness.

Tai Chi

The practice of Tai Chi is an active combination of yoga and meditation derived from martial arts movements. This program will introduce and reinforce the set of movement sequences called forms. The practice of this gentle art form fosters a calm and tranquil mind as well as improving concentration, balance, and strength.

Varsity Walking Group

Join this fun, energetic, social group for lovely walks in Varsity and surrounding locations.  The group meets in the Varsity Community Association lobby as a starting point and walks for at least an hour and may travel (car pool) to different locations.  The finish time varies depending on the route and if there is a stop for coffee. If it is below -10 degrees the group meets at the Shoppers Drug Mart (west) doors of Market Mall to walk inside.

Walk Fit

Walk Fit is a fabulous indoor walking program that gets the heart rate up by walking to the beat of the music. Walking is great exercise that works for anyone, any age and any size and is totally safe because we walk inside. (no ice!)

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. Vinyasa yoga allows for a lot of variety and can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced yoga participants, as there is plenty of room for modifications. The class will almost always include sun salutations, which will get your body moving , build strength and work with your breath to “flow” from one pose to another. Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for years, you will enjoy how “energized” your body feels after this one hour practice. Participants are encouraged to bring any yoga props they feel necessary to help maximize enjoyment of the class, along with a yoga mat.

Special Interest Programs

First Serve Tennis

Jeff Spiers, 403-441-6870


Ruth, 403-288-6026