Varsity Walking Group

Class: Ongoing Thursdays

Cost: Free

Time: 9:15 am

Location: Meet in VCA Lobby

Membership Required: Yes

Information: Peri-Lynne Blair


Registration options

1. Call 403-288-9001 ext. 14 or 11

2. In person 4303 Varsity Dr. Nw

About the Program

Join this fun, energetic, social group for lovely walks in Varsity and surrounding locations.  The group meets in the Varsity Community Association lobby as a starting point and walks for at least an hour and may travel (car pool) to different locations.  The finish time varies depending on the route and if there is a stop for coffee.

  • If it is below -10 degrees the group meets at the Shoppers Drug Mart (west) doors of Market Mall to walk inside.