Varsity Racquet Club

The Varsity Racquet Club is a member bases club accessible with a current Varsity Community Association membership.  An additional fee of $60.00 is required for Non Resident members. The Racquet Club membership will be activated once your VCA membership status is confirmed. This will allow you access to the courts and the mandatory online court booking system. No in-house registration or payment available at this time.

2020 Racquet Membership Fee


 VCA Family Varsity Resident Member  Incl with VCA Family Membership
 VCA Senior Varsity Resident Member Upgrade  $26.25
 VCA – Non Resident Membership Upgrade  $60.00
  • Please note there is no washroom or building access due to ongoing fire mitigation work.
  • Tennis only will be available for the 2020 season on courts 1 and 3.
  • Guidelines and court availability may change without notice if regulations or health orders change or a participant notifies the VCA of a positive COVID 19 test.
  • Your assistance and cooperation are appreciated. Stay Safe, Play Safe, Have Fun!

Racquet Court Rules

  • Use courts at your own risk
  • Proper footwear is required
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • NO food, glass, or alcoholic beverages allowed on court
  • NO pets allowed on courts or property
  • NO bicycles, roller blades or skate boards allowed on courts
  • NO abuse of nets or other equipment



  • Members only (no guests) ensure all household members are on the list for court bookings
  • BOOK COURTS ONLINE (no drop –in) Mandatory for AHS COVID 19 contact tracing. Failure to book online may result in loss of privileges or court closure
  • Sanitize equipment prior to play
  • Arrive only 5 minutes before court time starts


  • If you have symptoms of COVID 19 or are feeling unwell (fever, cough, sore throat,, runny nose, difficulty breathing)
  • If you, or someone in your household, has been in contact with someone with COVID 19 in the last 14 days (call 811 to book a COVID 19 test and self-isolate)
  • Notify the VCA at of a positive test if you have been on the courts. AHS will be notified and given contact information for contact tracing to be initiated. Information will only be released to AHS as per AHS guidelines.
  • If you are a vulnerable individual, senior or have a health condition which increases the risk of severe COVID 19 complications.(heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or other chronic health conditions)


  • Sanitize hands before and after each game
  • Each player needs a can of tennis balls with their initials on them, do not pick up other’s tennis balls with your hands
  • Use a racquet or foot to pass tennis balls that are not in play
  • Do not share equipment or touch fences, nets or benches
  • Maintain 2 meter distance from non-household members during play


  • Sanitize hands before exiting court
  • Leave court immediately after court time is finished
  • Do not gather for socializing around court entrance
  • Maintain 2 meter distancing with groups accessing or exiting the courts