Child’s Handbook

Welcome to Varsity Out of School Program.
You shall have loads of fun here with your friends, learning, playing and creating.

Child Care Philosophy

We believe each child is an individual. We provide a range of inclusive activities and opportunities. We really want your in-put on planning the activities that you will participate in. We provide a safe environment that recognizes all aspects of diversity, ability, age, appearance, belief, class, culture, family composition and gender.

We accomplish this with child-directed, age-appropriate activities that encourage the
development of self-sufficiency, self-esteem, self-discipline and co-operation in a semi-structured environment. We offer many opportunities for arts and crafts, co-operative and interactive games, free play, imaginative play, large and small scale games, music /art
programs, special events, indoor/outdoor play and much more.

Rights of Children

  • The right to be safe.
  • The right of freedom of self-expression.
  • The right of making choices.
  • The right to be free from discrimination.
  • The right to be part of the decision making

Arrival and Departure

When you arrive in the morning you are to go to your locker and hang up your supplies.  This area is your responsibility to keep tidy and organized. Put boots in the locker first, backpack and then coat and snow pants.

When you arrive after school you come in as soon as you can after the bell rings. Come in the back door and put your belongings in your locker and bring your snack for the afternoon with you. You are to sign in with main attendance, the large white board and in your classroom.

Bullying and Technology Policy

Technology Policy

We are a recreation based program and will limit access to technology here in our centre.

Children are encouraged to leave their personal gaming systems, cell phones, portable players at home, as there will not be a time to use them @ the center. The exception to this would occur on non-school days when a block of time would be announced and children would be welcome to enjoy their personal gaming devices at this time.

Portable music devices are welcome to be shared with the group (if all the lyrics are appropriate) – otherwise they must remain at home.

Cell phones may be kept in a child’s locker, and if for any reason they need to contact a parent we would use the land line.

Digital cameras may be used on field trips or for specific projects – otherwise they also must remain at home.

Computers may be available for a specific activity related to a unit we are doing – this would be monitored by the staff in charge.

Occasional movie days will occur and will be rated G unless parents are notified beforehand of another rating.

Please discuss these expectations with your child as to ensure their full understanding of our technology policy.

Varsity Out of School Anti-Bullying Policy

We, the staff and community of Varsity Out of School care believe that everyone including all children, staff, parents and others involved has the right to a safe, caring and respectful environment. We regard bullying (as defined below) as unacceptable and shall not be tolerated in any form. The purpose of this anti-bullying policy is to reduce instances of bullying and we aim to take a pro-active approach in order to accomplish this goal.

Definition of Bullying:

We define bullying as intentional repeated aggressive behaviour marked by an imbalance of power, with the intention of causing harm to another individual. Bullying may take different forms, including verbal, social, physical, or cyber.

  • Verbal: name calling, put-downs, threats, intimidation.
  • Social: exclusion from peer groups, ganging- up, group teasing.
  • Physical: assault.
  • Cyber: using computer or other technology to harass or threaten ie. Text messaging..

Policy Objectives:

  • All stakeholders have a full understanding of what bullying is and that we have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying behaviours.
  • To ensure that all incidences of bullying are addressed promptly and fairly and that appropriate support will be provided to the target, bully and bystanders


  • Educate and provide resources about bullying for all stakeholders, in order to prevent bullying.
  • Actively monitoring behaviours to ensure that potential bullying situations are avoided.
  • All stakeholders must encourage reporting of all incidences of bullying behaviour.
  • Written and verbal communication with all parties involved in bullying situations.
  • Proper documentation of all bullying situations, as per the above definition.
  • When bullying incidences do occur and persist, consequences will be administered as per our child guidance policy.

Toys from home:

If you choose to bring toys from home it is your responsibility to take care and them and know where they are. When you are done playing with them you must put them away in your locker. If they go missing we shall help you look for them but do not take any responsibility to replace them.

Field Trips:

If we plan field trips you will need to come with us that day. We cannot give you the choice to stay at the center if you are not interested in coming. We need all the staff to go on the field trip so all the children can be safe.


We have lots of different clubs that you may participate in on certain days in your rooms.  Feel free to check the monthly planners posted in your rooms as well as the white board outside your room. It is optional if you wish to participate. Other opportunities will be available to you.


If you have any problems or concerns feel free to tell any staff member, your parents, other children, assistant director and director. We will help you by providing guidance and assistant. We also have the suggestion box for your ideas and concerns. You can sign your name or not.


We shall involve you in as much of the planning of what you do in the room. We value your input to let us know what you would like to do.

Conflict Resolution:

In each class room we have a list of ways to solve conflicts that may arise. The leader in the room shall read and review these techniques often.

Consequences and Child Guidance

  • We encourage manners, respect for each other and for personal and public property.
  • The staff shall act as positive role models and offer positive guidance strategies to reinforce the appropriate behaviour and encourage co-operation.
  • The staff will always respect the self-esteem of the child, who will be treated with both dignity and respect.
  • We will encourage co-operation with the children in our program through trust and confidence
  • The staff shall provide the children’s basic needs for food, recognition, attention and freedom from fear and autonomy.
  • In planning our activities and schedules the differing needs of the varying ages and stages of the children in our care shall be considered.
  • We shall provide an environment that is warm and welcoming for the children.
  • We shall monitor the opinions of the children and the effect on behaviour.
  • Rules for the children shall be concise and positive and presented in writing as well as explained in small groups or individually as needed.

We shall not inflict or cause to be inflicted any form of physical punishment verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation. We shall not deny or threaten to deny any basic necessity or use or permit the use of any form of physical restraint, or confinement or isolation. Child discipline methods utilized in the program are communicated to parents, staff and children. Any child disciplinary action taken is reasonable in the circumstances.

Health and Safety

Fire Drills/Emergency Evacuation:

We will have fire drills once a month. When you hear the bell, stop what you are doing and line up at the door. Please remain calm and quiet so you can hear your directions. Do not take anything with you. Follow the leader to the safe place and wait quietly so we can call
attendance to make sure everyone is out safely.


When you are eating food here at the center you must eat at the table we have designated for food consumption. When eating you must be calm, chew your food carefully and sit still.

Varsity out of School Homework Policy

We at Varsity out of School Care support children in their academics. Children are always welcome to work on their homework independently, during daily programming.We provide a quiet area with table and chairs for homework to be worked on. There are supplies available to the children to work on homework projects i.e. pencils, eraser, rulers, and lined paper. The staff will make every attempt to assist children who may need help with their homework.

Helmet Policy

Varsity Out of School Care requires you must wear a helmet while using any ice surface for recreational purposes. Please ensure your helmet is properly fitting.


Wash your hands properly and frequently

1. Use hot running water and liquid soap.

2. Rub your hands vigorously for about 60 seconds, including: ( sing the song “happy birthday to you” about 2 times as you wash your hands.)

  • Backs of hands
  • Wrist
  • Between fingers
  • Under fingernails

3. Rinse well.

4. Dry hands with a paper towel.

5. Turn off the water with a paper towel, not your clean hands. Throw the towel away into a garbage can.

Play Safe

Some of things we may not allow you to do are for your own safety. The leaders will read the rules for all the rooms, dance studio and outside. Please play safe. If you do get hurt let us know so we can do first aid on you.

Cold Weather Guidelines:  When it is really cold outside make sure you always wear your coat, hat, mittens and snow pants to stay warm. When you are coming here at lunch do not forget your warm clothing. Extreme wind/cold weather can harm you.

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