Step One:

To register for a non-school day from Sep to Jun follow the directions as listed below. You shall
receive a form on your sign in and out sheet letting you know of the day off from school as well as the
deadline the form is to be returned. Please note that we post the form on the parent board to alert you
that this form has been given out. Please put form in the drop box. A form must accompany your
payment. Just submitting a cheque without the form may not get the information to us that you need
care that day.

Please Note: We have very limited space available. Sometimes getting your form in on time does not
always guarantee you a space.

The order of preference is given to:

  • Kinders
  • 3 component children
  • 2 component children
  • 1 component children

First come first served. The current fee for the day is $29.00
From these forms we shall compile a list of children who need care and determine the number of staff
needed and are available as well as the activity we shall be doing.
Cancellation Policy: If you register and need to cancel you must give 2 weeks’ notice ahead of time to
not be charged for the day. If you do not come nor give proper notice your account will be billed for the
day. Without any notice of cancellation we cannot give your space to anyone else who may have been
turned away. Please plan carefully what your childcare needs should be. If you are currently registered
in all three components (you do not pay PD fee) and you register for the day and do not show up we
reserve the right to charge you a service charge. Remember you are holding a space that another child
may need.

Step Two:
We shall post a list of the registered children the day after the deadline. Please ensure that your child’s
name appears on the list. If your child’s name is not on the list and you require childcare contact the
Child Care office and talk to Shelley or Joanne. We will try to accommodate latecomers if space permits.
We would also like to remind you of the importance to phone in if your child will not be attending the
Out of School Program.

Thank you for your co-operation