Welcome to Varsity Preschool

3 and 4 years old.  Children must be toilet trained to attend our Pre-School. No pull ups.

Varsity Preschool Registration for 2017-2018

Ongoing Registration

Please call the childcare office for placement in the current program.

Age Requirement

3 year old by end of October 2017
4 year old by end of February 2018

Varsity Preschool Registration for 2018-2019

Age Requirement

3 year old by end of October 2018
4 year old by end of February 2019


We Offer

Monday/Wednesday 8:45am – 11:45am & Friday 8:45am – 11:00am

Tuesday & Thursday classes 9:00am – 11:45am

Five days a week pending space.


Please read the All About Us Handout before you register your child in our program.

Click here for the All About Us Handout

Parent Testimonials

Click on the above picture to read Sandra Martin’s Parent Testimonials

Check out Sandra Martin’s Class

What to look for in a Great Pre-School

A well-planned environment can prevent classroom conflicts. As you observe a class, note whether toys and art materials are age appropriate and within easy reach of the children, they should be able to act independently without constantly having to ask for teacher’s help.

Children should be gently guided to build self-control and confidence by creating a positive atmosphere of which they can explore and create within. Teachers should communicate, teach and model appropriate behaviour with plenty of positive reinforcement, praises and smiles.

Getting Ready for Pre-School

Remember, things that best prepare children for school success are the very things that are involved in family life such as going to post office, grocery store, setting the table for supper, etc. Please keep in mind that getting a child ready for pre-school is an ongoing process.

An experienced teacher expects to encounter certain challenges in a preschool resulting from normal behaviours for the particular developmental stage of a preschooler. Sitting for a group time, sharing a teacher’s attention, waiting for a turn, and understanding what teacher’s expect all take time to learn.


  • Excellent, qualified teachers
  • Low child/adult ratios with individual attention
  • Reasonable rates
  • Peanut free snacks and crafts
  • Well-equipped classrooms with indoor gyms and outdoor playgrounds
  • Plenty of creative, open ended, fun projects including arts, crafts and science

We believe that a valuable part of learning occurs through unstructured play and within this atmosphere a variety of art material, toys and play centers (i.e. blocks, sand, water, etc.) are presented to the children each day during supervised play periods.

We want to emphasize that learning is fun through play.

As professionals, we promote the overall development of our children, including physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. We recognize that each child is an individual with distinct needs and interests, and endeavor to meet the needs of each child.

Family Grouping is a mix of 3 and 4 year olds in a class. The learning is based on how a family works together. Family members are different ages yet they all learn from each and work together all the time. Age is not a factor, its knowing what you can do and helping someone else learn as well as knowing what you cannot do and asking for help.

About our Teachers

Our staff qualifications include a Bachelor of Education or an Early Childhood Diploma. Our teachers have years of experience and skills in bringing a quality program to our children.

Parent Volunteers

Are needed in the class every day in order to meet the child/adult ratios set by Social Services. Varsity Preschool requires parent participation in the classroom for each child registered to be shared on a rotational basis with all the parents in the class.

Parents are required to participate in some aspect of the program, and are also encouraged to volunteer in other capacities. We believe that parent involvement in school is an integral and ongoing part of a child’s education.

Parents who actively participate in their child’s education not only gain an understanding and appreciation of activities in the classroom, but also indicate to the child that the parent thinks schooling is important. We hope that this value will ultimately develop in the child as a result.

Contact us

Childcare Director: Joanne Nickerson
Asst. Childcare Director: Shelley Harrison
Phone: 403-247-1145
E-mail: Click to Email us!

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm

4303 Varsity Drive NW
Calgary, AB
T3A 0Z7

Phone: 403.247.1145 ext. 2

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