“Parent Testimonials”

Healthy Attachment

Our children, as many other kids, have shown areas of extreme interest and are very motivated to learn. However, it is well-known that without the appropriate mentoring: motivation and interest can easily vanish. In contrast, a teacher who values curiosity and invites questions is capable of fueling the youngster’s interest and inspires kids to be in charge of their own learning. For my husband and me, trusting someone to lead our kids to a positive experience is vital and that is why we have chosen Mrs. Sandra Martin as our children’s preschool teacher.

Mrs. Martin’s many years of experience working with little ones allows her to develop that healthy attachment that a child needs to feel safe and secure, she is the most fun-loving, hard-working teacher my children have met. Mrs. Martin is charismatic with a genuine
interest in those she teaches.
After trying different preschools and instructors, my husband and I decided that I would
drive 20 km every class to bring our second kid to her preschool where our daughter has
had the most positive experience which led our little girl to be enthusiastic about trying
and learning new skills and taking the academic environment as the most desirable place to
be in. Exposing our kids to the outstanding and constantly innovation care of
a person like Mrs. Martin, has been crucial in developing our children’s positive feelings
about school and their drive to excel.

Parent: Deysy Londono Monsalve

Kids Continuing Education

The best way of self-improvement is the reading habit, if we as parents or teachers are able to seed that necessity in our little’s brain, the results will be outstanding in the short and long run. Reading makes your brain suitable to think more complex ideas and larger
sequences in terms of planning.

The more detailed plans our kids will be able to structure in their head, the better decision makers they’ll be, eventually they’ll form their own thoughts and values, challenging traditions and what our world leaders say, they will become critical thinkers.

Their mind will be flexible, ready to think and solve daily life smoothly and practically, becoming a self-taught kid can bring the most thoughts and emotions, catapulting self-awareness and the highest potential.

Better Life Players

As a parent my goal is to train my kids to be a life player, grounded, realistic and focused
at whatever they choose to do with their life in the long run. I was lucky to fall at Mrs.
Martin hands, I’ll be always grateful to her.

Parent: Mr. Marco V. Sanchez

Sandra Martin should most certainly be considered for the 2015 Child Development Professional Award of Excellence because she demonstrates professional excellence by putting her unique and creative ideas into action for many different individuals working
with Mount Royal to mentor our future teachers, continuing to educate herself in her field, and maintaining a family oriented class.

Parent: Cathy Mageau

Mrs. Sandra Martin’s Comments:

I have been teaching since 1980 when, being a parent volunteer at my son and daughter’s preschool, I was offered the job as assistant teacher. I studied part-time at Concordia University in Montreal for the next 13 years for my BA in Early childhood Teaching,graduating in 1993.

I loved combining the knowledge I learned from my education with raising my own children and teaching in a number of different schools and grades. I have always believed in family grouping classes for preschool, a mix of 3 and 4 year old and in some cases 5 year olds as

The philosophy is based on family dynamics where ages are different yet everyone learns from each other and everyone works together. Age is not a factor, it’s knowing what you can do and helping someone else learn, as well and knowing what you cannot do and asking
for help.

I learn from them as they look at things differently and experiment and I constantly remind them that I do not know everything, so let’s find out about that.

I want them to learn to listen to each other as a group and that sometime they have to wait to share or ask a question until that other person is ready. It is important for them to learn to make good choices and that teachers are there to help and have fun too.

When children realize how much fun it is to listen or tell a story they will always approach books with anticipation.

“I want the children in my class to become independent, to try things differently and to help someone when they ask. To solve a problem on their own and know when to ask for help when they can’t.

Books are everywhere in my classroom and I will read stories any time. I want children to know that books can be funny, entertaining and they can find out about things too. Books are fun to read together or to just take and look at pictures.

I want them to learn to listen to each other as a group and that sometime they have to wait to share or ask a questions until that other person is ready. It is important for them to learn to make good choices and that teachers are there to help and have fun too.